Friday, May 27, 2011

No Shampoo Day 55 (oops I missed a few..)

Hello everyone. I am almost at 2 months of using no store bought shampoo or conditioner! I have kind of failed at blogging recently. School got crazy and I got lazy, I apologize for my absence. In one of my first posts about going shampoo free I said that I wanted to share with everyone my day to day experience, obviously that did not work out and I am sorry. But it turns out that the day to day kind of repeated itself. I left off saying that my hair felt kind of weird and at that time I was still not in a good pattern. My biggest complaint about going shampoo free was the way my hair looked. It felt light and clean after a wash but then when it dried it would be all stringy. As a result, my hair was always up in a bun or a ponytail. I am naturally very picky about the way my hair looks so this was driving me crazy and I was ready to give up. Finally just a few days ago, maybe day 50, I realized why! Too much baking soda. I think my ratio in my mixture is alright (maybe I could even adjust that), but I was putting too much of the mixture on my head per washing. When I cut down and stuck to "a little goes a long way" my hair looked so much better once dry. I think I am finally at the point where I am happy with my hair, I have gotten through most of the kinks and will most likely be sticking to the baking soda shampoo mixture.

So the routine that I have gotten into is washing my hair with the baking soda mixture and rinsing with the apple cider vinegar mixture every 3 days. For example, I washed my hair yesterday morning (Wednesday) so I will wash it again on Saturday morning. The day that I wash my hair I usually leave it down. The next day it sometimes goes up in a bun or ponytail but I can still wear it down. I stick a headband in if I wear it down because sleeping on it can mess it up a bit. Then the day before I need to wash it I almost always put it up. It isn't terrible by then but the under layers get oily. If it is too oily for my liking I sprinkle in baby powder or corn starch and then shake it out (baby powder comes out easier than corn starch). Ohh and every other time I wash my hair I use the rosemary and lavender rinse that I made, it is supposed to help with make my hair grow!..and a few other things such as be less oily.

I didn't think this whole no shampoo thing was going to work for me because I have pin straight hair that has always given me trouble, but I was proven wrong. I will continue to post about my no shampoo adventure but not an everyday update. My next endeavor is to make other homemade hair products such as gel and mousse. I am not one to use a ton of product in my hair but I am excited to try the all natural versions.

My camera is broken right now but I have a camera on my computer so I will post a picture of my hair soon! (Too bad I don't have a before and after).


  1. i am doing the no poo life style as well and i wash and condition my hair every 2 weeks( i have wavy hair). i also read if you use the baking soda too often it can damage your scalp. i only started about a month n a half ago. but i am interested in the lavender mixture? could u post the recipe?

  2. That is awesome that you only have to wash your hair every two weeks! I still wash mine about every 3 days but I have noticed that my scalp is dry. Hopefully I can either cut down or find a way to keep my scalp from being damaged. I do use only a small amount of baking soda though, so maybe it will be okay. Ohh, I totally forgot about that lavendar recipe, I am sorry. I will post it within the next couple of days.