Sunday, May 29, 2011

Apple Cider Vinegar "Conditioner" Recipe

Throughout this recipe I will refer to Apple Cider Vinegar as ACV because it is much shorter and easier. The ACV recipe is super similar to the baking soda shampoo and it is just as easy.

The ratio is actually just the same:

1 Tablespoon ACV
1 Cup water

This huge jug of ACV was $20 and it will last me so long! To the right is the container I store my vinegar in (cheapy mustard container). I love how I can open and close it, the opening is a good size too.

Pour into a container with a lid, mixing up as much at one time as will fit into your container. The handy thing is that you can store it right in the shower. My vinegar is kept in a cheap plastic mustard dispenser I picked up at Meijer after not being able to find a spray bottle. Not gunna lie, ACV smells a little funky, especially for something going into your hair. If you want to mask the smell a little you could add something like pure lavender oil or infuse your rinse with herbs. I have not tried this yet but my vinegar rinse just ran out and I need to mix up some more.


-Fully rinse out baking soda mixture
-Flip head upside down so your hair is hanging upside down
-Sprinkle/Pour some vinegar onto head targeting roots and scalp
-Gently massage scalp working vinegar through hair
-Let sit for a minute or two
-Rinse out

There is probably no wrong way to apply the vinegar as long as you are getting it into your scalp and through your hair. I just gave you the way that works for me. Vinegar balances the PH of your hair, that is why it is important to get it into your scalp, and it works as a conditioner/detangler. I am unsure if white vinegar would work the same as ACV, but I do know that ACV works wonders with almost anything. I have read that it can improve your health and energy if you drink some every day, so I just think ACV is better all around! Google it if you want to know more uses for ACV.

Again, you may have to adjust this recipe based on your hair needs. By playing around with the amounts of both vinegar and baking soda you can find what is best for you.

My hair and scalp have been a little bit dry. I am wary of using too much vinegar because in the past my hair has been very oily so I do not want to over condition. I am going to try and increase the amount of vinegar solution I use during each rinse to see how that works.

I also found some recipes for deep conditioners that I want to try out. These treatments would be less often (maybe once a month?) to ensure that my hair is getting all the moisture and nutrients it needs. I am excited to try some out but I need to wait until it is time to wash my hair again because a washing is required after conditioning.

Questions are welcome and I will post more hair adventures soon.


  1. This is so cool! I want to try it. Although I have loads of store bought shampoo and conditioner I need to use up first! So this is like the conditioner and the baking soda is the shampoo?

  2. I think you will like it after you try it and adjust. Yeah, that is the idea =)