Monday, June 06, 2011

Lavender & Rosemary Hair Rinse Recipe

Alright, there is a slight problem. I will be honest with you all...I don't remember exactly how I made this hair rinse (I had found a simple recipe on Google before and didn't bookmark it). But I will recall as best I can the way I made my rinse the first time.

My Recollection:

1) Put 1.5 cups water in a saucepan (I did 1.5 cups because of the size of my container)

2) Bring to boil
(if you have a water boiler you can skip that saucepan and just turn the boiler on to make the hot water)

3) Place 1 Tablespoon lavender and 1 Tablespoon rosemary in a heat proof container
(preferably glass or ceramic) (and I used dried herbs from the health food store)

4) Pour boiling water over the herbs and let them steep covered, I believe I waited about 15 minutes (the longer the herbs steep the stronger the rinse will be)

5) After steeping strain the herbs out of the rinse with a mesh strainer or a muslin cloth
(if I remember correctly I just used a paper towel)

6) Once cool the herb rinse can go in the desired container and be kept right in the shower, a spray bottle would be really handy but I keep mine in a little mustard container
(just like my ACV rinse)

7) I use this rinse about once or twice a week following my baking soda and ACV routine

Any herbs can be used in your hair rinse. I just chose Lavender and Rosemary for the qualities they possess. Different herbs do different things to your hair. A list can be found here or just Google useful hair herbs or something along those lines.

Also, something you can do is to make your ACV rinse and herbal rinse into one rinse. The reason I did not combine mine was because it was my first time making and using an herbal hair rinse so I just wanted to try it out. The following recipes combine the ACV and herbs into one easy rinse.

A few more recipes....

Ummm okay.. through my quick research here I noticed most people are refrigerating their herb mixes. I haven't refrigerated mine and as far as I know it has not gone bad. I tried to search if herb rinses spoil or not but I did not find a whole lot. To me it seems like a pain to keep it in the fridge when you are going to be needing it in the shower. I am sorry I don't have an answer to this dilemma, I am really wondering now. But I would suggest to keep an eye on your herbs and if it looks or smells funky make a new batch. Please let me know if you know the answer to this!

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